Friday, April 23, 2010

my crazy darlin'

elizabeth just had to try on mckenna's softball helmet.
the funny thing is, she didn't want to take it off.  what a nut!  mckenna hates it.  mom loves it. 
matthew once got hit in the face with a baseball.  the result was one broken nose.
mckenna's just gonna have to get used to it.

elizabeth is receiving her first infusion via mom.
it's easy but i'm very nervous having the port so close to her heart.  she wants me to help her shower when we're done.  YIKES!

dale is upstairs laying tile in the new half bath.  it will be so nice to have a bathroom between the guest room and the boys' room, even if it is just a half bath.

did something unexpected today.  groomed my outdoor dogs.  actually, dale did justice and half of jett.  lol
i did bully and the other half of jett with dale's help.  my beautiful boys will be neutered soon and my females all spay.  then the boys can come out of their pen.  they are gorgeous dogs.  i'll have to add pictures later.

ahhhh, how nice to ramble here as long as i want without anyone telling me i've used too many letters!
another nice thing is i don't really care if anyone follows or not.  LOL!!

going to eat some more chicken gizzards and fix something for the kids.
my blood sugar was 318 this morning.  i need to make low carb stuff and keep it handy.

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