Sunday, April 25, 2010


last night was really bittersweet for me. this was elizabeth's last prom. it's also the next step towards her graduation.

when we adopted her, nearly 19 years ago, no one had a very positive outlook for her future.

if they could see her now.

i'm very proud of this sweet, stubborn, always happy, hardheaded, beautiful young woman. i wish her grandpa could have seen her last night.
she has come so far.
i remember looking at her, shortly after adoption, and could not imagine her as a one year old. when one was said and done i couldn't imagine her starting school. now her school years are ending.

there have been so many scary times in her life. times i was afraid i would lose her. she is an incredibly strong person. she has the will of a dozen people. it's gotten her this far. it's formed her into the person she is.

i thank God for her daily. even when she makes me so mad i could spit i never stop loving my red headed beauty.

i love you, elizabeth allison matthews.

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