Sunday, April 25, 2010

sad day today. just started off horribly wrong. i'm seriously doubting it's anything that can ever be fixed. you know. things said and done, even in the heat of anger, sometimes you hear truths.

i was asked once why i had so many kids and pets. DUH! like that's a really hard thing to figure out. LOVE. that's it. my deep seated need to love and be loved. you know that illusive thing that is just out of reach.

things said hurt me to the core. i don't forget. i just try to move on. the problem is, each and every hurtful thing just weighs more and more on my soul. i go on for a while, thinking things are good, maybe even great. never fails someone has to remind you of your shortcomings and failures. like i don't already know.

life is hard and i am tired.

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