Friday, April 23, 2010

wow!  got knocked for a loop last night.  bad stomach cramps and a 101 temp.
tonight i feel so much better.
dale was wiped out, too.  headache and so tired.  i told him i thought we should stay home last night. i didn't think there was anyway we could make it to church.  as soon as i told him that he passed out and slept for hours.

elizabeth got her first infusion today.  now her dad and i have to do it.  seems simple enough.  the worst part is making sure we keep the port immaculate.  any bacteria would go directly into her blood stream. 
the home health nurse couldn't have been any nicer.

prom is saturday night.  i need to work on elizabeth's mask.  i got her a beautiful scarf to cover her bandages.  my dil is sending a pair of earrings.  as soon as i see them i want to try and make a necklace to match.  omg!  i forgot we need to get her a corsage!

it's 3 a.m.  time to sleep or at least rest. 

i'll try to get more into posting every day.

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